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"Creating a Legacy for Families"

If you're the kind of person who likes to have total control of your life/family, boy do we have the product for you.

Life Insurance

We offer our services to Los Angeles County and Orange County. Its simple, we come to you or your group gathering to discuss what we can do to "Protect Assets Today". Our mission is to educate families on the benefits of our life insurance and the various other types of Life Insurance they shouldn't fall for.


We offer our services to Los Angeles County and Orange County. We come to you or your group gathering to discuss what we can do to help them invest and prepare for the future. Our mission is to educate people on why they should start investing today.

Business Development

If you have a side hustle or a business that you are trying to grow and increase your amount of sells with organic leads. Take a look here to learn more on how it works.

Our Story

We began our journey in 2019 after one of our family members met their untimely demise in an accident. While the death was an emotional devastation, it had also left us financially unstable in an effort to cover funeral expenses as well as give compensation for the children he left behind.

After this event, I did extensive research on how to avoid financial debt for my family and came across life insurance. After that point I researched companies and the different policies they offered, which were mainly Flexible Premium Whole Life, Universal and a few other policies. I proceeded my research on these type of policies and couldn't believe how sneaky and clever these life insurance companies were in writing their contracts.

I was finally confronted by a financial service company who specialize in life insurance and investments. They by far have the best term insurance and SEPARATE investment accounts. At that moment, I knew I had to buy my policy and separate investment account with them. Soon thereafter I joined the team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate families on how to protect assets today and prepare for the future to be financially secured.

Affordable | Reliable | Transparent 

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During Corona Virus Season we are doing meetings on zoom.us

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We where looking for life insurance in the past and we thought it was to expensive based off the previous company who gave us a quote. We met Oscar in the super market and we happened to be in line and started talking about Kobe and how life is very short. After that point Oscar gave us a business card and we gave him a call that same day and made an appointment on his website. When we met in person he gave us a crash course on how life insurance works and different types of policies out there. We felt save and well informed so we got our policy started with him. Appointment was free too and came to our house so was convenient. We will definitely open an investment account with them shortly. Thank you for helping us out.

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