When it comes to being a business owner or starting out entrepreneur its important to know all the tools that will help you move your business to the next level. This is a summary of what you can do.

  • Create a business name that is relevant to your industry
  • Create a website
    • I recommend goDaddy  with wordress or one of there products that will make
    • You don't need to use the custom domain email (save a few bucks, create a gmail one)
    • Design doesn't need to be fancy, keep it simple
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Create pages, articles that shows your expertise and be sure to use meta  "key words" and Meta "description" for that specific website. This helps you to be found on google, yelp, etc
    • Register website with bing, pinterest, google, yelp and a few other platforms that will improve your rank and increase your chance of your website being found by a client.
  • Concentrate on getting more reviews
    • makes it easier for clients to find you and lowers your advertising cost.

If you need assistance or not sure where to start. Feel free to contact us.

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