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How Money Works

Traditionally when we receive money we store it in the bank. What do you think the bank is doing with your money? If you are not sure, no worries we will teach you.

The bank is investing the money to the world economy (business capital loans, real estate, etc.) and they receive 12% and higher return on their investment. Now what do you get? Nothing!

Now if you wanted to open an investment account with a bank they would offer you a 3% or lower interest rate which would cause you to put in a huge dollar amount close to $10,000. In return the bank is getting around a 12% interest rate on your money.

What we show families is how to bypass the bank and invest directly in the world economy with interest rates between 7% to 12% to help get you the best return on your investment. 

With us, you can open an investment account starting as low as $25 per month.

There are also Tax Break Advantages  that can help you lower taxes 


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